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Fields of expertise

Investment, real estate brokerage and commissioned building are the three fields of expertise of Premier Immobilien.

Real Estate

The wide range of properties we represent transcends borders and has achieved a high level of individuality and uniqueness. We would gladly meet with you personally to inform you of our complete repertoire. Contact us today.


The south of France is one of the most lucrative real estate markets that shows a high value retention. The experienced investor can profit from the situation by investing in project developments of the region. In collaboration with our business partners from the cai Group, you can take advantage of this excellent opportunity. Our main focus is to ensure high security through stabile real estate prices, cadastral register inscription, and above-average yields. The investments are largely protected from inflation.

Due to a unique market access and our long experience in the business of real estate and investing, the building plots in exclusive locations are acquired at favorable prices. The construction is then carried out without delay in order to ensure rapid returns on investment. We will gladly advise you on your investment possibilities. 

Example of a property investment:

Minimum subscription: 200,000 €
Term: 3 years
Funds are secured by: entry into the Land Register and handling via escrow account
Profit share: in excess of 10% p.a.: 60% of which for the investor and 40% for the general partner
Return on investment p.a.: approx. 10%

Commissioned Building:

Our clients receive individual care, just like our properties are all individually different. Therefore we will provide the support you require during your building project. In collaboration with our business partners from the cai Group, our network will assist you with the acquisition of a suitable building plot. If you prefer, we will guide you through each step, from the beginning— the choice of location — to the end — when your key opens the door. Our clients leave the worrying to us. Contact us directly to discuss your ideas.